4 Reasons Organic Search Is Better


Paying advertising and social sites to get traffic is incredibly wonderful, but it does not get rid of your organic efforts, the publisher argues Kristine Schachinger.
Remember if you only used it in traffic search engines? Remember when did you work for SEO and live and die in your location on Google? Were you # 1 Assumed success.

Well, okay, maybe not. It was a success if the keywords were relevant to your site’s users, but the road to creating traffic and revenue was the only roadmap.

Today we live in another world. We diversify We use AdWords and Bing Ads. We create identities in social platforms, and we promote Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Websites are no longer living and dying with Google Rankings. Organic is no longer a cold for children. Organic passed Or is it?

Diversification is essential, and – if our digital marketing plans are intelligent –

we do not live or die by Google, but do we forget about our organic listings and how can they be beneficial?

… The light traffic champion of the website is an organic search. With great advantage, organic search exceeds other traffic generators, driving 51% of all visitors to B2B and B2C businesses.

New trend

With our agency, we have different sizes, very large and small, and recently, we have seen a trend towards business. These sites are not trusted in Google with more traffic.

Not only do Google based traffic, but the site gets less than 10 percent (or a bit more) in the giant search.

Now, these websites are not interested in Google users. We’ve hired them to share. However, they are getting traffic like sites like Facebook,

it seems that there is less intention of attracting this traffic and changing standards for organic standards. Recently, websites have urgently and unequivocally meet Google standards for traffic prosecutors.

But is it in the right direction? When the organic list is shredded and folded among many SERPs is still organic, is it still organic? Here are four reasons why you have not forgotten your list of organic ones.

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4 Reasons are still organic issues
1. Organic yet Rocks

Although a bit changed since BrightEdge published the last year’s report, the data remains true. Organic is better to deliver an important traffic.

There may be only one channel that pays ads in search, but that’s just the way to convert it, not overall traffic (paid searches only account for 10% of total traffic).

However, it seems that they combine channels with the same channel that we exceed.

BrightEdge Research offers a mixed approach that allows you to have a better scenario.

Not only will the electronic search and the paid website improve, but will also offer a higher return on investment. Take the Retail, Technology and Hospitality industries.

For example, the organic and paid search combinations make up more than two-thirds of revenue.
Leaving money on the table in a biological and paid search.

2. Without control

Looking at the audit sites, we often see that customers will reach 40% from Facebook to Facebook.

This traffic is being visited by the stratosphere. However, Google’s traffic is low, some of which are sites (usually our publishers).
When I see this, my brain is a bit painful. Yes, the love with Facebook traffic is very real and there is a good reason.

Millions of visitors are sent to the site with only one source of references. Well … it’s not until.

Walled gardens have their own rules

With Facebook (or any social media site), you’re working on a closed system, the walled garden.

This means that you can develop your section if you do not control how the garden is fed or watered.

What would happen if Facebook did not show your garden? If Twitter decides to personalize the feed? What happens if Pinterest ties your member links?

These questions are very real because all of them have happened or are at work.
When you are using social media platforms for traffic on your site, you are compassionate

about this platform. If Facebook cuts its eye on organic, you have to pay.

If Twitter decides the algorithm segment, how do you see it?

And if Pinterest removes all affiliate links, how will you change the traffic?

If you do not have control over the income that drives your income, it may be possible to create traffic with a sharp advertising factor when the company changes your content.

In general, these changes will happen in a few days or a few weeks.

But is not this Google right?

Well, yes and no. Of course, the algorithm changes or punishes all the traffic is destroyed. However, if you know what they are doing, this will not happen, and doing so is easy (in most cases) to make your visit go back.

Panda and penguin are another stories, but this tendency to achieve this is usually unexpected.

However, you can increase your spending on advertising, while repairing traffic replacement problems, fix issues and return the traffic.

It will not be replaced forever, in most cases. (Again, Penguin and Panda are exceptions to current updates).

3.Site “Stickiness”

Social communities and paid advertisements may be traffic generators, but they are not long-term creative clients.

Of course, this gives an ideal sense. If I come from my Facebook page, I can see a page and exit. As we can see, visitors on this site can see between 1.2 and 2 pages.

Facebook wants to steal article visits, not generally traffic and customer loyalty. Twitter wants to promote customer loyalty, it does not create post traffic.

In this case, the payment and offers a reason to visit the user, but there is no reason to return.
Organic is different. Matching of user intent means that it may be in many queries.

Organic users are the best long-term clients. In my experience, there are lower rates and more pages, and more are translated.

So if you want to sell something or get brand awareness, the social channel is an excellent channel. If you want to find and remember your store, it’s an organic way.

Diversification is essential because each platform has a potential ROI. Organic one of them is one of the strongest, and the organic one can get out of the parks.

In our experienced social traffic generators experience, society can not afford the same quality of traffic, even if your website sees more traffic than 50+ Facebook.

  1. Investment

The problem of paid sources of reference, such as Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, will be during the time the traffic is maintained while it lasts.

Pull your money, and you’ll see an instant dip in the traffic.

As I said, you are not looking for these users; You walked along the way and thought “Oh, cool, for now, I need something!

When you pay for your traffic, it’s like renting. You get an immediate action, but you do not get long-term purchases for most visitors.

With the organic search, the user’s mind is different. In this case, users are looking for you or sell / offer / publish at least. When you find them, if you give a great experience, they often return.

If you are an unknown brand, the repetitions of the results appearing will increase brand recognition and brand loyalty.

If you access the graph of knowledge, you are the author of the website.
Investment levels

Also, if you invest in organisms, this investment can reduce maintenance or, if necessary, break it down.

Long rest never suggests, relocate money and put it to other resources for a short time. A good example would be an online store.

At weekends for Christmas holidays, you no longer get more organic placement. In addition,

you will be able to get a holiday when Christmas is ready beforehand and you will enter in a slow season.

An “organic break” may result in the repayment of its money through immediate “last-minute” advertising through paid advertising. Your organic will not suffer,

and the money will create additional traffic.

To do this, if you continue to produce content that is still in use on this site, maintaining its own link to technical issues and following the profile of its inbound link,

you will not lose a lot of traffic, a highly competitive industry, or change your site in Google’s eye. If you have

You can not afford it. When money goes away, most traffic links to it.



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