Best 5 software development technologies to learn in 2019


How did we choose to learn our top 5 technologies in 2018?

The key to our selection was the Overlay Tape Trash Tool. Over time, you can see many technologies popularly using SO related tags.

Although this is a great method (for example, with very durable documentation, you can easily find user answers, so you can easily find user answers), it lets the technology change over time, and in other words, how the technology works with others. We use the Tub In dexto adapt our list.

Indexing technology or development technologies uses search engine information to determine fame but limiting language programming. We choose the most popular technology by one.

Golden Waldies – they stopped there


20 years ago, walk to hell. Because of the inclusion of the browser, the only language JavaScript

can be a web developer or development technologies, but without any doubt, many of them were not many fans for many reasons. Whether we like it or not, JavaScript has really improved web language and JavaScript

libraries and firm frame development (some of them include us in the list). For boys, it’s essential.

But people continue on the path. If JavaScript’s reputation is not endangered, it seems.


Maybe our list is controversial It is one of the most comprehensive programming languages, although known in linear and large businesses, some believe that its popularity is diminishing(development technologies).

The Tiber Index apparently confirmed it. However, with Jawat’s reputation over time it has been seen that there have been many technologies for a long time.

Today, Java continues to be one of the most popular languages and among other things has long been talking about the programming language.


Python programming language is still among the most popular technologies. This is not surprising. The credibility and duration of this target-based language code and the university entry class are becoming more popular. Similarly, scientific writing and internet language are well-known.


Another programming language and a special IT statistical environment. Selected in 1993 is not new. During the growing popularity of recent years, it is a popular technology that uses scientific and data. This trend can continue in the future.

Today’s star will have a strong impact


Rectangular dialogue (in chapter 2, if desired, indicates the latest version) is one of the main reasons for the popularity of SO games over the past two years. Quick and complex applications will be one of the most popular technologies for next year.


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