Dwell Time: Major Ranking Factor | Bounce rate


It’s time many times to forget about many FACet SEO experts, it’s very critical for Search Engine sits its all about Bounce rate.. Many of us pay more attention to other factors that are less important.

If you fought with SEO and could not get less results then it could be due to Dwell Time.


If your gaps are becoming more and more critical in SEO, you should know the most important errors in many SEO experts.

This guide will be able to understand the effect of Dwell Time, improving it naturally. So what are you waiting for?

If you want to control the highest ranking search engines, do not let this driver go without reading.


What is Dwell Time?

Dwell Time’s experience, commitment, duration of the session and SERP ranking is one of the metric SERPs that calculate the CTR of the main factors (Click Through Rate).

This metric can be calculated using different techniques, but it is not available because it depends on different factors.

These factors are:


  • Bounce rate

  • Session duration

  • Click on the rate (CTR) of the SERP (Search Engine result page)

Some believe that the duration of the session is the same, others believe that the rate of the rebate is believed by some to be based on the Click Rate (CTR).

But the story is different. All top metrics are different things and Dwell time is different. Actually, it’s a combination of three metrics.

You should improve this time with Bounce Rate, Session Duration and Click Through Rate (CTR).


Click through rate (CTR): based on a percentage of the search results webpage, based on a specific query, and frequently how many times users click on the website.

There is no difference in all search queries for a query for a Website.


Formula CTR: (click / page impressions) x 100. Page impressions are viewed by users on the page that they see in search results and when clicking, clicking on the click is clicked.


Bounce Rate: Percentage of Visitors to a single page view of a website.


Session duration: Average time spent by a user on the Website.


Click the measurements of a site through the rate. Google wants to give the best search results to its users, so it focuses on CTR. The higher the CTR, the more options your site has for ranking.

The time interval starts from CTR when a user clicks on the website. If a website has less CTR, Dwell time will be less. First, increase your CTR. Actually, CTR starts with your Dwell time.


Bounce rate must be less than 40%. This means that more than 40% of your visitors leave your site after seeing only one page that is bad. You have to reduce the Bounce Rate if you want higher rankings.

More websites have the duration of the session and are beneficial. It will end with a timeout period.


The latest guide to improving Dwell Time?

o Improved Dwell time before you should improve the SERPs CTR. To improve Click Through Rate (CTR).

you need to investigate user interests. Knowing your users’ interests will help you improve CTR.

After working on CTR, partners and quality content should be given to visitors and avoid major content errors. That’s why visitors will continue to your site.

Link to your pages to find information that visitors can easily navigate and search for.

If you follow the guide, the timeout will be increased:

Improve SERPs CTR: Make the title Engage and make short URLs of that page. Your title needs to exceed the maximum limit of 50 characters since Google displays a title of 40 to 50

characters, so you’re using a short title with the right words.

Make a meta description of less than 150 characters. Put your keywords using descriptive words.


Reduce Bounce Rate: By reducing the percentage of visitors who only see a page with a page, you need to link the pages that are related to your article and other pages to your site.

Make the navigation easy to use and design. Add the note bar to your pages. Breadcrumb will tell you the visitors of this site.


Increase the duration of the session: Make your content add relevant and interesting images and videos to your site. If the media add them to your site, users will increase the amount of time spent on the website and, consequently, increase the duration of the session.



The time limit is divided into three meters (1) Bounce rate, (2) Session duration and (3) SERPs CTR. Starts from CTR when a user enters the site.

If users who only see a website leave the website, this percentage is called a bounce rate. Reduces bounce rate.

The duration of the session is the average time spent on a website.  Any improvement to these measurements will improve the ranking of a web page.


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