LIKE A COLLEGE will be ready to move to the workplace and start a career, Apple(IPAD) has graduated from the tablet IPAD. He prepared the Curtain 11 inch and 12.9 inches of the iPad Pro last week.

CEO Tim Cook explained that Apple now sees IPAD as a computer. Apple’s new design makes the PC a worldwide sales line for PC devices around the world.

It’s a fair comparison. A few days ago after using the new iPad Pro 12.9, I can say that iPad has a positive progress. It can also be called “computer”. Is your computer suitable? That’s another story.

Thin How Can Be

The first thing that you notice about the new iPad Pro is missing. Like iPhone XR and its members, Pro does not have a home button. Instead, its screen stretches its edge and edge … from edge to edge.

All four sides align with thin black stripes so that the top of the device is where it really is. Sometimes, iOS really indicates that the button is anywhere, maybe I have forgotten it.

5.9mm aluminum frame is very hard and eliminates weak edges that the iPad has defined its greatest existence. The flat back is flat, next to it. The design has a refined version of version 5. The form also was a good 2011 iPad, which is not trying to achieve a long time, except for the camera.

Liquid Retina LCD screens are very large, with 11 or 13 inches extensions depending on the model you choose.

Gorgeous and pixel-packed. Like iPhone XR, the screen borders will be rounded up with precision rotation and other technology treatments.

The color is fast and accurate if you need Photoshopping and minute color. (Apple displays the color accuracy of the five screens in 160 different points.) Pro also adjusts the screen’s warmth in your room.

The new IPad Pro also comes with Face ID, uses camera, sensor and algorithm collections to identify your face in a way that is more secure than fingerprint authentication or passwords.

Works well, and does not require a cut-out like iPhone. It’s not free, though. We usually have iPhones in a vertical portrait (vertical orientation), as they are in our hands.

With an iPad like this, you’re almost always using both hands, which means that there is no way to actually “right” or “wrong”. Occasionally, I accidentally blocked your face ID camera from time to time when I took the landscape (panoramic).

And while I’m around, my face can also be seen.

As I have kept my head in front of my screen, looking away from the face camera, the Face ID has a risk of being helpful and safe. I have never used a password to use the Touch ID for older iPads. Now, it’s pretty easy.

The 7-megapixel front camera cameras, Animoji and video chat are also quite good, as long as your hand is not locked. A 12-megapixel shooter can even get iPhone standards, albeit a bit too heavy (and shameful!).

Use a 13-inch tablet as a camera, this weekend while you’re in San Francisco. Apple showed me the spectacular probabilities of increasing reality in its reality.

I studied inside a plant to find out how to live in a Lansdale application and to put Lego Ninjago as a game of life iOS.

Started with kids that had a great deal of damage to Lego. and its have been more entertaining if I digitally switched on.

However, it is as powerful as the PC

The interior of the iPad is outwardly spectacular. The Prok A12X has a Bionic chip, which is equipped with different versions of processors, all included in the iPhone XS and XR.

It has eight nuclei: four more demanding works, play with Fortnite and make four easier.

This year, the mixing and compatibility of these can be effectively combined, better than 2x beforehand. The graphics chip also powers more than 2x power, not endangering 10-hour battery life.


Apple has announced a new iPad Pro in the past few years with 92% of all the computers sold, including Intel Core i7 CPU and a game graphics prowess compared to Xbox One S.

Pro made a star sweat and the reference numbers were spectacular.

Photographers and video editors would like new storage options. Pro comes with 64GB of memory, by default, but that number is as big as 1TB.

Because this tablet has a USB-C charging port, you can easily connect to your camera, external monitor and other accessories. Yes, this is unique.

There is only one port. Let’s start shopping if you need more. Apple sells a lot of them. And receive the best wireless headsets while you are there.

While Apple’s quad-speakers are re-designing a tablet (or laptop), the headphone will disappear.



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