Next generation of smartphones – foldable phones


Motorola’s RAZR is returning as a $1,500 folding smartphone

Motorola RAZR can save up to $ 1,500 window windows and can be launched in February, in the

latest report from TheWall Street Journal.

The original RAZR is one of the most popular phones, as Lenovo mainstream

Motorola looks to update the updated and revised update system (as if Samsung

was backing up later) I tenet tau).

The WSJ, the new RAZR, will be dedicated to Verizon in the US and the launch of the planned Pepuere, although the trial is still being tested, and the information will not be completed.

It is not yet known that the phone is almost complete. There is no word on the content of the screen, the comments, and the same image. Will the RAZR live up to the name, but will you use the display of traditional landmarks? Will Lenovo have an original RAZR design, and will look like a window on the pout?

It was not the first time the RAZR signal was scary, though: in 2011 and 2012, Motorola joined Verizon (a RAZR form) for the order of Droid RAZR devices, tested to pay on the best RAZR tools, even though none of the mobile phones design is part of the original pleasure.

In this case, the design of the old ratio designer in this section in the updated versions is currently beginning to appear.

The Nokia HMD for Nokia has manufactured an industry for the Nokia 3310 and the Nokia 8110,

but the ideas are interesting, new and non-applicants.

According to the WSJ report, Lenovo hopes to create 200,000 new RAZRs, which looks good at the

cost of $ 1,500. However, with the idea of the RAZR V3 model (which is extremely expensive), 130 million services will be sold on its own basis, and if the lightning is twice a time, the goal

may not be very difficult.

Samsung might have confirmed the launch date for its first foldable smartphone

foldable smartphone

After a few months in protest, Samsung shows that last week he will have his new job on Wednesday, February 20 in San Francisco, California. The 10th anniversary of the entry of everything, but the Sari S10 established at the beginning of 20, but we have never been sure that Samsung will bring his phone over to the topic.

Engari pea kua whakakorehia e Samsung nga raru katoa.

In the post on his Newsroom website at the end of the week, Samsung wrote a series of

photographs taken from the Place de la Concorde in Paris, which included some new news releases from the company.

Although we have been waiting for the Galaxy Quick (it’s all that Samsung has to call it) to display the location at the site, the message on the tablet – and the Samsung resolution for the dedicate any Newsroom to him – he will take some of the activities of the Maori. te Tikanga. It may be, however, the tool we saw shortly after the Samsung developer’s end at the end of the year as shown on February 20:

Samsung has updated many times when he is planning to launch his smartphone in the first

half of the year. Mena continues to call on the Galaxy S10, it’s lucky to come out on the

store at the same time – as of April. According to recent reports, Samsung still attempts to

decide on a name for the purpose: Galaxy F, Puri, or Puri. Whatever is called, the cost is great.

Royole could be the first company to release a foldable smartphone


foldable smartphone,thehalaltech


Phones and faces do not look like the appearance of the arrival of the ages, but without the political plans and the traders, no one has ever been given the right to receive the right order. However, Royale Corporation can win the competition with the FlexPai, a cell phone that allows you to create the size of a portable letter.

Before you expect the time of the foldable smartphones to fit on us, you should watch the video

below showing the device. It is looking forward, at least to speak. For something, the

phone does not nurture, because it will be very bad at the time it is specified.

It also detects the problem of the computer on the surface of the phone screen and displays it twice before downloading the topic.

In the category, the tool contains a Snapdragon 8-based series, and ITHome (with GizmoChina) indicating that the price starts at $ 8,999 (approximately $ 1,290) for a 6GB RAM sample.

The boats will be opened on October 31, and plans for a ship plan in December.

The appearance of Royale’s FlexPai is a very important competition. Samsung’s smartphone smartphones are designed to display a week later from his team’s developer’s team, and LG and Huawei are publishing their latest hardware packages. The very idea that we have the loss of these services will not be, but it’s a good idea for that time.

Move over bezel-less displays: Samsung, LG set sights on foldable smartphones for 2019

Today’s smartphones for every window, small-scale and many digital devices, powerful processes, and more advanced computers.

Although new features are different, individual components are not available to their smartphones

now. Companies are working to create faster processes that do not heat the equipment, even more, compressors, and more.

The appearance of the update to meet these requirements is to include

foldable smartphones.

Many OEM manufacturers are in the process of integrating foldable smartphones and sellers who can sell new technology this year.

Samsung announced that a mobile phone was launched in 2019. At its launch in November,

the company announced that it was a platform that could easily crack up on a smartphone.

Samsung called the ‘Special Offer Design’. No details were given at the time of the event, but the

main screen was 7.3-inch in diameter and could be added to the glass-glass box and the screen

was 4.6 inches. The phone has been released to call Samsung X X and FF F and the

announcement of the mill for a cost of $ 1400.

LG, would not like to follow the creative and competing with Samsung in the office, and also proud of the last smartphone music series. The company sent a marker indicating “phone calls and showcases that could cause half a mile”.

LG Mobile CEO, Hwang Jeong-hwan, spoke in Yonhap, Korea’s comment: “We are working with our friends about the problems that are happening while they are reading and reporting.”

When asked about the launch date, he said he was launching the company so they could

provide a larger customer value than the first in the world.

Smart smart maker at one time, Nokia has signed a mark in December 2013, approved last year.

The patent products that Nokia launches are a display this year. There are no details available

on the size of the presentation, in any other section.

Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, was established in 2017 and the company launched a tonal record this year. He talked about the company’s performance on smartphones and in-depth designs that came from March 2018. The patent document that used the instrument as”foldable music”, but displaying the phonebook can be opened to make a larger frame with the hinge connecting each of the two faces.



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