OnePlus 6T with One month: Affordable Android is a flagship killer


One month ago I spent OnePlus 6T, I saw my whole opinion and I can not put it.

It offers an emblematic experience of $ 300 and $ 400 or more, less than the emblematic Android,

and even features that are not the most expensive device.

After buying a Black Mirror Black on T-Mobile, OnePlus Thunder Purple is tested and amazing da.

The Silk White OnePlus 6 was my favorite design layout for a smartphone, but this was

replaced by Thunder Purple OnePlus 6T.

Unfortunately, I do not see this model available on OnePlus site, but Midnight Black also

offers the finish, so it feels like the Thunder Purple model.

There are some compromises with the perfect phone and $ 579 (I bought the 8GB / 128GB model).

The OnePlus 6T does not support wireless charging, no dust/water resistance officially,

and the second rear camera does not have an open angle or zoom capability.

However, there are many features that have disappeared, some of which have many features.

OnePlus 6T
For the last month and the future of use, here I love OnePlus 6T for many reasons:


Starting with OnePlus 6T $ 549 (including 6GB RAM / 128GB), I bought a $ 579 model that only sells T-Mobile. I compare the 999 $ to the 9th Base and the amount that OnePlus offers at a reasonable price.

2.Fit, finish, and design:

The OnePlus 6T is very high-quality construction, which makes it easy to use $ 1,000. You have curved glass, metallic buttons, aluminum edges, and your hand.

3.Alert slider:

Apple iPhones do not turn on or off a tuning tuner. OnePlus offers a regular three-way slider alert for texture, easy to handle on the top right side. Modes of imagery are quick to change and you can personalize what happens in each of the three modes.


Android users often cut latency updates and Android makers rarely give updates. I have review devices for security updates in August and September, but fortunately, OnePlus is committed to users. The OnePlus 6T November Security Update is running with OxygenOS 9 powered by Android 9 Pie. Some new phones have been launched on Android 8, LG looks at you.

5.Outstanding reception:

My daily Sounder commute to the outskirts of many cities and spend a lot of time on the T-Mobile signaling area. It is a good test for receiving phones and after testing over 10 phones in 2018, OnePlus is the 6th RF champion. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also earns and if you’re in an area with poor cell signaling, you can contact OnePlus 6T to make this call.

6.Minimal bezels:

The OnePlus_6T has an 86-percent screen ratio with a front-facing camera. It reminds me old iPhone X, where my handheld device seemed to be on the screen and I love this screen optimization.


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7.Long battery life:

I lost My Galaxy Note 9 using S Pen, but in my daily experience, the battery of OnePlus 6T lasts longer and it’s been harder to stop the 6T and see the Note 9 again. I regularly view OnePlus 6T from six-hour screen time.

8.Fast charging:

While the battery lasts more than Android, One_Plus_6T continues charging through an adaptive A / C adapter. Charges faster than Samsung phones and offers around 50% in 30 minutes.

Unlike Apple’s policies, OnePlus includes One_Plus_6T box fast charger. The OnePlus 6T also launches the first phone with a fingerprint scanner. It works well, but honestly, it’s not as fast as the back fingerprint scanner.

However, it has done well and the combination of unlocking your face makes it easy for you to reach your phone. Although I discovered that ONEPlus 6T was almost perfect, CNET rated 8.9 / 10, praising it universally.

The Verge wrote that the best Android device that bought the OnePlus_6T phone, Mashable stated that no one is stealing a money steal, and a Business Insider writer for a long time has been an iPhone user thanks largely to Android.

OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus 6T is fantastic and I want to switch to the variant of OnePlus 6T T-Mobile with the randomness of my wife’s Galaxy S8, hanging calls, changing sounds and dramatizing them.

If you’re trading for an Android phone, you’re better off going on the flagship performance now.


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