OPPO joins the Wireless technology Power Consortium, future phones may have wireless charging

Wireless Power Consortium
Wireless Power Consortium

Wireless technology is very important and future technology.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has a company affiliate that has gathered to

create maintain and promote Qi’s standards.

The Qi standard is based on Qi-a’s work and

comes with Qi and a site that indicates the mark, whether the manufacturer or the signature.

This is the power of wireless communication on wireless technology after the transfer of wireless technology as well as the performance of consumers and manufacturers.

Companies that hope to use their wireless technology Qi in their product will enter WPC months before implementing tools to support wireless support. It is now clear that OPPO has joined the group.

It was not clear when OPPO became part of the group. We tried to look up the Google pages and the Wayback Machine but did not succeed.

Apple was introduced to the company in February 2017, a month before the launch of XX series

and iPhone 8 with the support of Wireless Q7 in September 2017.

Similarly, it was seen Xiaomi joined the WPC in September 2017, before launching

the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S in March 2018 with support for wireless technology.

At present, QPO’s non-profit OPF’s economy is ineffective. OPPO members in the industry will be the foremost OPPO project that Qi will provide with the support of Qi’s non-profit service. How far is that idea, which we can not resolve at this time?

From the OPPO and the OnePlus offering key technologies(wireless technology) in profit-making products, it’s not too far-it’s suggested that OnePlus workshop will play this technology.

when it comes to a tool OPPO.

The OnePlus 7 is a few months, then, wait and watch to know that the OnePlus 7 is the selected section.


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