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Sony Xperia xz4 could have a 219-display


Sony Xperia xz4 could have a 219-display

Sony is planning a long-term design upgrade with its Xperia XZ4 smartphone, set up for launch

in early 2019, and determines online loads.

Although the company has been prosecuted for recent ideas, post-gen hands can

show 21: 9, longer and more comfortable than any other device in a marketplace.

The word comes from the tremendous online hacker, who posted the image of a

movie that shows a wide range of aircraft, which allows you to get a better look at the film.

This section has been made up of previous sources from a single source, based on parts created

from the CAD documents, and the evidence suggests that Sony is scary at what’s happening here.


Although the old site provides a breakthrough of 16: 9, today’s hands are

delivered 18 to 9 in the series, but those who claim to have a glass of

vegetables are 19: 9. The idea of movie filters showing movies on 21: 9,

Sony’s ability to publish this does not require a letterbox in any of the items.


XZ4 most anticipated will be featured in the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

in February. Combine with XZ4 compact younger brother.

The claims that Sony does not go in the ‘notch’ with the 2019 handsfree, the black film will still

show a black to create music and earphones.

Google search app adds activity cards to let you pick up where you left off

Google search Android,Apps,Google

Adds activity or Google search app adds activity cards to let you pick up where you left off…

Thanks to the technology that can restore the location of your sites, phone numbers, email

addresses, and so, you will not be able to ask if all these technology applications can do

our memory, and not just you.

However, Google is looking forward to addressing some of the issues and

updating the Google Search app as it works for users to recall their previous history.

These will appear in the form of new activity boards in the app that lets you split a list of the

recent searches you have and the websites you have visited as part of that search.

For example,

if you are looking for a “dietary diet” and another problem, you will always forget that when you do that search, these work cards will be used as a reminder of what you have done. Browsing so you do not want to start the break. Also, you can also browse the websites you have visited before the case, and you want to comment on it as cooked. Google says:


From there, you can only return to that cooked cookie, taste it, and repeat the quest to

find the new features of the project.

Users can also mark the pages to read or translate later on the value and retain the link to

integrate them into the service board. All this means that you want to log in to Google for work.

Google has started a letter from activated blogs to the Google app in English and the US, but they

may find a way to sell more stores in the future.

Nubia red magic mars first impressions a true one plus killer

Nubia red magic mars
CES CES 2019 Nubia Nubia Red Magic Mars Nubia Red Magic Mars first impressions Nubia Red Magic Mars hands-on

Nubia red magic mars first impressions a true one plus killer

The most interesting thing in Android was revealed at CES is the Nubia Red Magic Mars.

Most of you know the Nubia sign but have not been able to use any of the ideas since it is not

available to America in the North.

That change with Red Magic Mars as Nubia has announced that the call will go to Europe

and North America in Q1 this year.

Although this is a great source of fun, the $ 399 free price of the phone is the most

striking weapon from the part of the phone as you get the $ 529 OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T.

Snapdragon 845 SOC will have a fantastic power and the performance of the

RAM 10GB to be more successful in any Android player.

The dedicated petition button next to the phone changes the notification, strikes the background app to remind memory and gives users the option to cancel the phone’s processing.

This celebrates the performance of the phone, but the heap contains more health than any other equipment because Nubia has installed air and air in the material.

The quality of the Nubia Red Magic Mars is also fantastic, but everyone does not work well. Despite the appearance of the appearance of the OnePlus, the Red Magic Mars is red, and the light reflects the lighting of the lamp, which runs across the phone, everybody you’re going to get is reliable.

Unlike most of the Android devices we have seen, the Nubia Red Magic Mars runs Android 9.

Computer technology is in some Nubia mode, but there are many areas mentioned and the team of the last house near the Android store as possible.

Nubia wants to know North American and European users a computer experience that differs

from what they get-a-China. It is impossible to get close to Android apps they can get,

but they may find something in the hands of OnePlus and Motorola devices.

It is incredible to see how people respond to this Nubia phone that is about to market in the

coming months. It offers a lot of value, but most people do not want to take any space to

mark that they do not know.

5G is starting to feel real | 5G technologies

5G is starting to feel real | 5G technologies
5G is starting to feel real | 5G technologies

Do you want to know what the 5G looks like? Qualcomm is all based on how wireless technology will be developed later next year.

The manufacturer of phone calls is well known for powerful players working hard on

major phones, such as Pixel 3 Pipe and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, run this weekend

Snapdragon Tech Summit in Maui.

Qualcomm used as a 5G technology, showing a model phone that can access new networks. AT & T and Verizon were set up, setting up “live links” at the conference hotel to show their strength. Samsung came out of a 5G reference tool on the subject.

“Much has earned 5G mark in order to show this phone,” said Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon when he introduced the company’s model at a crucial time.

Samsung and Verizon say they launch a 5G smartphone in the first half of the following year. AT & T and Sprint again.

This year, Verizon has launched a 5G difference as a home-based service provider, and at the beginning of 2019, he plans to launch a spyware service.

All this is the 5G coming in the seventh year – from Verizon’s statement of moving into the area over the last three years – to grow.

In addition to the fastest speed, 5G is said to be technological technology that combines modernized components according to personal rights, virtual and enhanced activity, and telemedicine services, such as a long step.

But what about 5G? What did the people really enjoy? This is the reason why the following

wireless technology issues are more than just the speed of the speed, and why you enjoy it.

What is 5G?

The fifth (5) generation of computer technology aims to enhance the speed, transmission, and response of the wireless network. How fast is our talk? Imagine 10 to 100 quicker steps in your global connection, and faster than all you can to carry the body-to-body cord in your home. (In the best times, you can get it during Sharing times in seconds.)

Is it just about speed?

No! One of the main advantages is something that is considered less. You will hear this year a lot.

The feedback is the time to respond between the time you are surfing on a link or start playing the video on your phone, sending it to the network, and then responding to the network,

you will upload a website or play your video.

It takes longer than 20 million months to new connections.

Not important, but with 5G, the younger brother is less than 1 millisecond or the time for lighting on a single camel.

Responding is a very important thing for playing a major video competition in the virtual dream,

or for teenagers in New York to handle robotic routes operating in the San Francisco process,

although the power of the connection is still breaking.

The non-free connection is that personal self-control is a way to talk to them in a timely manner – considering the size of 5G to link them.

How does it work?

5G used before a high voltage range, less range, but higher, to send a perfect pipe for online access. But when worrying and worrying issues arise, sellers begin exploring a regular airline –

the type used in today’s networks – to help Five-G at a distance, the walls and other sections.

This is the result that the faster companies in the past have been invested in the past, but

they still represent the huge increase in what we earn today with 4G LTE.

Where are the carriers?

Some of these retailers operate small airports on high airlines, but many want to sell the

government. The Federal Communications Commission is conducting a pilot plane that is

called millimeter, including all consumers.

Are there other benefits?

The 5G network is designed to connect many more features than the old computer network.

The internet of things you still hear? five-G you can convert multiple controls, even if a dog hole is a refrigerator.

The 5G network was also designed to handle the products used by businesses, such as property or ATM equipment.

In addition to the speed, it is also designed to rotate product effects that do not require continuous connectivity, such as music for the fertilizer.

These types of small glasses that want to work on one helm for 10 years, can still transmit the data at any time.

Sounds great, but when does 5G get here?

Verizon launched the first “5G” service in October but was a technology.

The service is not a mobile service, but a comprehensive transaction transfer.

An administrator must be included in the special features that can be downloaded 5G points

and converted into a Wi-Fi connection to the home so that some of the tools can access you.

There are also many controversial services for five-Gs – not using standards approved by the industry.

The company wanted to jump in advance and used its own technology. Verizon argues that the

speed of 300 megabits per second to 1 gigabit per second will be nominated for the Five-G name.

The runners and other sponsors contest that claim.

There is little launching in the electoral districts in Los Angeles; Sacramento, California; Indianapolis; Dallas. (Let’s know if you are one of the winners you get.)

OK, but what’s the 5G phone?

Verizon says he will send his 5G Mobile 5 years later. AT & T seems to be the first company to launch a 5G mobile phone service. He plans to upgrade 5G this year in markets 12. In the last month, a 5G-based contact with Waco, Texas, has been tested successfully, using the user’s first priority. 5G the user, a wireless plugin created by Netgear.

As Verizon’s implementation, 5G is expected to be in these cities.

AT & T considered the plan to be launched over the next 19 years, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

No 5G Phone? Cannot I download 5G with my smartphone?

Sorry, no. 5G technology requires an array of antenna that is not available. According to Sprint, he plans to release USG’s first USG dollar, made by LG. He is also working on the 5G “smart hub” with HTC, but with all of the 5G articles up to this point, it’s clear to details such as features, symbols, prices, or available.

Most phones use the X50 modem of Qualcomm, designed to fully access 5G aircraft.

Most of the times, 5G smartphones emerge in the first half of the following year. Samsung’s latest information is to create a 5G smartphone.

The company will release 5G in the issue of its S10 S10. Samsung Koromana DJ Koh’s

Samsung Software Manager, however, calls for a 5G Specific Phone for Extensions before his signature.

OnePlus has said that the first thing in 5G is on the phone, but the project will not come to the US.

What do I think about?

The high-speed freight is the key to the big collection in power and speed, but it is an extension.

The range is not important, especially when you are bothered by trees or houses. As a result,

drivers incorporate smaller computer systems, creating small room names, in areas that mark 5G.

What makes people feel that they are not interested in computer systems that are close to them.

And problems with health problems may need to be seen by those found in the neighborhood of the district, and there may be some contradictions.

Supporters can use fractional frequency and smaller computers, but the 5G Company will

definitely, want companies to build up their network.

How can 5G be available in 2019?

This is another concern – 5G may be an area for many people.

According to T-Mobile, 30 years in the following year, Sprint will be released in nine cities.

AT and T are launched in the last nineteenth year and 19 years later, and Verizon has the theme to launch the same year, but does not know how wide range of years.

In the world, China, Japan, and South Korea are moving to build their 5G mobile phone, as Europe is considering it’s a long way to go.

So do not think you want to go shopping for that first 5G phone call. The service can not be completed until 2020 or beyond.

Similarly, when some find that 5G helps to improve all the information, urban areas may

sometimes disappear because there is no structural support for all those organisms.

How much does it cost?

I do not know. The signs did not increase the cost of drivers, although Marcelo Claure said March,

he saw 5G as a financial service. Michel Combes did not want to talk on the cost.

You remember that the LTE did not pay at the time it came out – you wanted to buy a new phone.

But cost-effective students can change time. From the 4G released, users will take unlimited

plans and restore them.

Verizon’s old house cost $ 50 for free subscribers and $ 70 for everyone.

The items are in order with some other costs. (You can see if you can access the service here.)

Our 5G glossary

Do you want to show your 5G knowledge to your friends? Do not you have the kind of person who knows the meeting? See map 5G below.


The 5G bit is obvious, but the NR stands for New Radio.

You do not know how much this is because the standard name is being summarized by the unemployed industry, which has started in December.

This is important because it’s all in part when it comes to their 5G phones.

Similar AT & T and T-Mobile drivers with 5G NR build their network. But Verizon, 5G testing has become a broader service before approval of the standard, does not apply the standard – again.

The company estimates that 5G NR will be terminated for its major spyware service and will consider using the NR for its 5G phone network.

Winter wave

All computer networks use airlines to transfer data across the sky, with standard links using the list in a minimum of 700 megahertz.

Generally, the level of the group, or the frequency, is the higher the speed you can achieve. The result of a higher rate, however, is a short time.

To achieve the speed of five-G-crazy, you need to have an air ticket. The high waves of waves will

fall between 24 gigahertz and 100 gigahertz.

The problem with a high-altitude plane, including a short, extremely delicate plane – when the blade blows in a bad way, will cause you trouble. Remember the problems as a wall.

Verizon companies are working hard to use computers and temptations to address these problems and to establish links.

Small phones

Ancient ancient artifacts emerge from high-pitched towers with different organisms and antenna. Places can be transmitted far away, and you do not need many.

Small rooms are facing – old organisms can be hung on lamps, blocks, and other areas.

They can only perform the 5G mark in the short version, so the idea is the size of the component in the computer network.

In some cities, this is a large group, but if you go out of the metro area, there will be fewer holes in the challenge.


How high is the company’s highest plane (see the “highlights” section above), which is aids to a smaller scale at least 6GHz?

More efficiently, users can use the network that has the ability to access 5G networks.

T-Mobile, for example, is a 600MHz aircraft plane planning to use its 5G capability. Prior to-6GHz, it is impossible.

This is the reason why you find customers selling a regular range.

But there is a different difference in the plane of the area: Even if the distance is distant, it does not have the fastest speed and the intensity of the waves.

The bottom line will allow the drivers to use the combination of the two.

Gigabit LTE

You are hearing Gigabit LTE’s information about 5G. As a result, the higher the speed of the current LTE network. But the construction of the Gigabit LTE network provides a base for FiveG.

For information about Gigabit LTE, detail our comment here.


The use of “multiple inputs, multiple versions.” Usually, the idea of moving antennas to our phones, on the towers.

And you can have more of the antenna. They are managing the fastest Gigabit LTE network,

and companies using what is known as 4×4 MIMO is in four of the components.

Transmission agreement

Airline drivers can carry airlines on radio stations and connect with Samsung Galaxy S8 phones so

you can choose and choose the quick speed and at least available space. it. He thinks it’s a

three-way highway that can be used by cars to drive outside, on a relatively low level.


This is a field of technology, and I do not have trouble explaining the situation.

The method for a combination of the strength of the awhi. Check out? Do not worry about it.

What you need to know is that it can be faster to speed up the traffic than the MIMO.

Remember that way usage? And, with the 256 QAM, you will get high-quality motors that

carry data, but in small circuits. MIMO, while collecting QAM and continuing to

continue with 4G services, is also important to 5G.

Build a pee

This is a way to guide 5G points in a specific way, so you can show you your own unique connection. Verizon is using a lamp that is designed for the signal of the waves of the mill, and transfers work as a wall or wood.

Nonlicensed data

All computer networks rely on what is known as a license, which is purchased from the government.

But the move to FiveG comes with the realization that the range does not have enough when

it comes to maintaining the width. The movements that move to non-licensed airports are as

if the free Wi-Fi network is going on.

Network lines

This is the ability to carve individual volunteers from the airport to provide specific ideas about the

type of connections they need. For example, an extra tower can provide a small drive, connecting

the connector to the music for a non-connecting meter in your home, at the same time inviting

a fast link down to the car insurance transfers into real time.

Do you hear more than FiveG words that are harmful to you? Contact and update this information

in other words.

Google Lens can now recognize over one billion items


Google’s Google-based (Google Lens) mobile device is now available on billions of assets, and the company records new blog logs.

Google Lens was launched last year in the first edition on photos and subscribers with 250,000

items in its directory, calling the Board.

The transfer that came next year from Google Lens’ has been engineered to identify the engine identifier to read more product labels.

With the knowledge of the article, Google Lens can include names in the face of the objects.

The data from the photos captured by the smartphones has also increased, so Google has

a lot more realistic picture than ever before.

The only one billion percent of the products derived from the products generated

in the Shopping Cart may not include items that can not be found, or can not be read,

from 1990 or the first edition of the popular book. But it covers a lot of things that interest

people who look at what they need.

He can now know people, Wi-Fi network names, and industrial industries, besides the features of the types that can be tested.

The ability to connect to Wi-Fi automatically by capturing an image of the driver’s toolbar included in I / O 2017 this year has been given the ability to copy information from the business

card and enroll go to the appendix to your phone.

The Huawei P30 Pro – Samsung’s big Galaxy S10 rival

Huawei P30 Pro

The new hurdle indicates that Huawei will not enter the megapixel competition in 2019, with Huawei Huawei P30 Pro to have 38MP camera later.

This comes as if it’s amazing because the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a great deal and gets the 48MP sensor with its 48MP camera, honoring its 20-minute display like Huawei P30 Pro.

If not all, it is likely that the sponsor will continue to have a good camera with three

cameras on the back, leaving in the bed of information set up to

include some focus on next.

The spray indicates that the focus of the P20 Pro will be slightly closer to the lamp. Below is the flash under the lenses.

This post has been posted on the famous Chinese Weibo Weibo, which claimed that the

Huawei P30 Pro Huawei came into the Sony IMX607 player .

This new music – it has never been so clear – is a very interesting thing from the

movie’s perspective, indicating that you will not really be able to promote megapixel

pumps at the folly levels to get the very good talk. (Huawei P30 Pro)

Sony IMX607 is set to print 1 / 1.8 inches with square pixel function.

He gives “a little-understanding”, GizChina says there’s much more to say about the music.

There is a large-to-sound transmitter, four PDAF pixels (fast-moving problems simultaneously), reducing the volume with three ISO (50/500/5000).

Not just about the megapixels

If this has ended in Huawei P30 Pro, the megapixel number is less than the Huawei P20 Pro

product found this is the 40MP.

It found in Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

To counteract this, the size of the music will increase the quality of the quality and quality of the photos. The amount of knowledge found in the P20 Pro was 1 / 1.73-inch, compared with

the P30 and 1/88 inches heard. Use this with the Quad-Pixel PDAF, which will

be designed as a major camera.

Samsung Galaxy M20 Comes with Dual Cameras


In the near future, we will know that Samsung Galaxy M20 will come with the previous glass plate, and it will soon come when the phone comes with the launch. Additionally, the phone is also disclosed and the cell phone is encrypted Samsung Galaxy M20.

Yes, this is a great experience when the phone comes and forums are read.

In addition to the next two camels, this sponsor will follow a bookmarker businessman. It comes with 3.5mm audio karaoke. The tool will be integrated into the USB-C connection for promoting and translating data. At the bottom, you will find a commentator group.


  • It seems that the Galaxy M20 will come with an all-metal rear panel
  • The Galaxy M20 will reportedly launch in India alongside the Galaxy M10
  • The Galaxy M20’s price in India should be under Rs 15,000

This tool will be launched next to the M10 Galaxy. Earlier, the phone has announced that 5.6 “with this phone will be featured as an AMOLED Super 1080p + resolution. We have found that the Galaxy phones come with LCD at levels below, but the high level of the A8 Galaxy is also expected to come with the LCD.

This coming-up event will be wonderful to users with its elegant features and smartphones. This level-level tool will appear in both threads and comes with 3 / 32GB and 4 / 64GB internal storage.