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Top 5 Topics in Information Technology


King’s online information technology degree has the capability of technology in current affairs. Find out about some of the industry’s biggest concerns.

Current IT professionals face new and evolutionary challenges for privacy, security, and

infrastructure. King University Information Technology enables students to analyze

current issues of ICT based on ethical and practical attitudes.

They are five of the most important information technology concerns.

Social Media Privacy

The social media market is competitive. The current offer to add new features is already in the background behind the privacy of the users.

The applications and plugins that use the GPS location and the one-sided session are security concerns only for users.

Nowadays, the main social media features require users to obtain personal information, including publicly shared images and status updates, in order to use the service.

Users share these data innocently for registration incentives, such as coupons, and draws.


The delicious cake has largely stopped the company from developing its security

policies and developing its devices.

There is no universal security law and companies have the freedom to change their policies.

Facebook, for example, security policy and privacy settings have changed several

times in recent years, feeling confusing and unfavorable to some users.

But how many users really value their privacy?

This report by NBC News shows the social media users value their privacy, rather than those that prevent social media.

A survey by The Ponemon Institute shows that the feelings of privacy have been polarized.

Twenty-six percent of the participants believed they had less privacy five years ago;

The exact percentage said he felt it was more important. Interestingly, both teams agreed

to control their information less than five years ago.

Work tracking

Privacy can also be a problem in the workplace. As technology progresses, employers

can install and operate surveillance cameras and movement detectors so that

business people can easily operate. Companies have many motivations to use these tools.

Employees’ follow-ups provide companies with instructions on how to open confidential

information, continue productivity, and even prevent courts from looking for the

behavior of the suspect.

The young man working on laptop

There are many questions about these practices. How much privacy, if any, are workers

using company equipment?

Is it acceptable to work for a personal company?

Do employers have the right to punish employees through conduct and information

through the social media through the clock?

Businessman Watching Co-workers Work

As the law conforms to the digital age, some of these questions will find specific answers.

For the time being, information technology personnel are carers and guards.

Mobile security

Mobile devices can be a source of privacy violations and victims. Google’s latest innovations,

Google Glass, Seattle’s preventive ban on Seattle’s seclusion on Seattle’s Seattle food

security due to mobile devices, are capable of recording audio, video, and movies

discreetly and privately. However, as a result of security threats to mobile devices,

consumers use technology:

  • Consumers who choose to set their PINs and passwords for mobile devices often choose to decrypt code easily, such as 1234 or 0000.
  • Users can not download malware disguised as a single application.
  • Existing operating systems may create threats. OS manufacturers regularly release security patches and fixes, but consumers are able to update their devices. The oldest device may not support new OS updates.
  • Updated software has similar security risks. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software.
  • Wireless transmissions are not always encrypted, so it’s easier to send the information sent via mobile devices.
    phone with key
  • When users treat their devices in a bluesful way, they can have difficulties and frustration to prevent IT experts to prevent security and privacy mistakes, especially when they use these devices for the company.
  • Bring your own device support
  • In the BYOD program, employees use mobile phones for their own business. Employees allow their company to control the use of their devices. Personal personnel
  • Cloud StrategyCloud Strategy

Often in the IT one, a promising vision has been taken. Changes in workflows and project

management are created as a result of immediate needs, and then it is included in every way.

Experts from industry have argued that this pattern is not recommended when creating a cloud strategy.

Deployment must come from top to bottom. The next year a cloud business will be or will be

broken, and the best method is to develop and implement a combination plan.

The plan may have hybrid models, as cloud computing is not yet trusted.

As soon as the technology is reached, more users can be bought.

  • cloud computing

Companies are planning a challenge to maintain and maintain trained cloud engineers

and support professionals.

According to Forbes, the cloud computing certificate could be 30 to 50 percent higher.

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