Top 5 Free Search Engine Optimization / SEO tools


Here’s the best guideline guide. I recommend reading this post so you can thoroughly examine a keyword like SEO.

Some tools are available to monitor your SEO on the market but most of them are very expensive. Using paid tools why do not people use free tools? This paid SEO is stronger than any of these tools.

Today, I will discuss the most powerful and free SEO tools I can use. These tools will analyze your SEO mistakes and other negative factors. Get started, let’s get started!


  1. Google Page Speed Insights

When using this tool you will be able to verify potential SEO potentials of your site on different devices at speed and user experience. You also need to troubleshoot troubleshooting, to improve user experience and if your user is happy, everything is highly valued. So, you prefer this tool, so powerful and free.

He also reviews the performance of real-world sites on both Mobile & Desktop devices in the major platforms. Currently, almost 60% of Internet users prefer mobile browsing devices, so your primary goal is to be mobile devices. Get the most out of your mobile device performance, your business will be a better user experience.


  1. Google Webmaster Tools

We’re writing about Google Search Console

It may be a tool for site owners because it has a lot of free SEO tools. Get Google a powerful and powerful tool for indexing.


  1. Google Analytics

We discussed Google Analytics

The controller’s site is used for visitors, bouncing and session duration. Additionally, data shows in real time how and when visitors make your site.

4 Reasons Organic Search Is Better

  1. Google Trends

If you do not know what you should be working on, Google Trends is the most precious and free tool to publicize your target audience. You can find the latest trends in the desired country in your country.

Google Trends shows the volume of a specific topic of interest from the total volume search. Search time is constantly updated but not 100% accurate, but employers still use it confidentially.

Compare terms: allows you to compare several search terms with each other. From now on, users can get the ideas of their terms. Compare the comparison of terms in personalized date and time and compare search interests in different countries.

Over time Website interests: Over time, it shows web interests such as the niche related business at, the latest NASDAQ trending adword keyword.

It means that and NASDAQ spend more money on the advertisement, as well as people looking for that last minute interest.


Regional Trends: Google Trends also shows websites of interest in some regions. For example, will also determine the NASDAQ trending site.

It’s perfect for Google Trends advertisers. Thus, it helps to produce more accurate ads to get the best viewers, to explore the Planner


  1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner becomes a keyword search tool for volume, keyword CPC, and its competition. It also shows related keywords so users can easily understand their business. Google offers the advertisers a great and powerful tool to explore keywords for their campaigns. More than one advertiser can use this tool to make quests over time, which is why their business grows perfectly.



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